Letter To My Parents

Posted by Laurel Wreath on 24th Aug 2014

To My Parents:

I’m so excited to be going to college.  The new stuff, new clothes, new friends!  I cannot wait to experience all that college has to offer.  It’s not just friends and moving in, but school and organizations too!

I know that you are excited.  I know that you are anxious…so am I.  I know you want to hear from me.  Let’s talk.Let me talk.  Listen to me.  Don’t try to “fix” my problems.  I need to work them out for myself.  Part of growing up is letting me struggle.  Yes, it is hard.  It would be easier to just “fix” it.  But I cannot grow up if you do everything for me.  College is the time for me to grow up and work challenges out myself.

The first couple of weeks are very exciting and filled with enthusiasm, new experiences and football!  Then suddenly there’s the realization that this is a big place and it is scary.  I am going to call crying.  I want you to say I can come home.  I want a mulligan.  Don’t fall for it.  Give me encouragement.  Provide moral support.  Don’t let me give up.  Don’t let me quit.  I believe you.  You are my parents.  You are the most influential and powerful people in my life.  You know that the best stuff is what you work hardest for.  Keep supporting me.

Remember you are raising me to be an adult.  I’m almost there.  Don’t let me down.


Your Daughter