Letter to A Legacy

Posted by Laurel Wreath on 26th Aug 2014

Dear Legacy:

Every sorority defines what is a legacy.  Being a legacy can include the connection from mother or sister to an aunt or cousin.  Some recognize grandmothers and great grandmothers.  Being a legacy does not guarantee membership, rather it offers an opportunity to share another bond with a woman in your family.  

While your experience will be different, it will also be the same.  You will continue your family's chain and show the women who came before you what the sorority experience looks like in 2014.

I was not technically a legacy, but a very special woman who loves me made me feel like a legacy.  She was there to support me when I accepted my bid.  She pinned me at initiation and showed me how her love for our sorority could span a lifetime.

Choosing to go your legacy is not for everyone.  If it is truly not a good fit, let them go.  But, if you cannot tell the difference between your legacy and other chapters then go your legacy.  It will not only enrich your life, it will deepen the connection with your legacy link.

Waiting For You To Join Me,

Your Legacy LInk