Letter to A Legacy

Posted by Laurel Wreath on 26th Aug 2014

Dear Legacy:Every sorority defines what is a legacy.  Being a legacy can include the connection from mother or sister to an aunt or cousin.  Some recognize grandmothers and great grandmother … read more

Recruitment in Aggieland - For the Parents

Posted by Laurel Wreath on 24th Aug 2014

Well it's finally here.  We've waited and planned and it's finally here.  We are so excited that your daughter is going through recruitment.  What an amazing and exciting experience for … read more

Letter To My Parents

Posted by Laurel Wreath on 24th Aug 2014

To My Parents:I’m so excited to be going to college.  The new stuff, new clothes, new friends!  I cannot wait to experience all that college has to offer.  It’s not just friends and m … read more

The Cause for Being Greek

Posted by Laurel Wreath on 18th Aug 2014

Being Greek is the best choice a lady can make.Ever seen the movie Serendipity?  It’s a romantic movie about destiny.  If you haven’t seen it, hop online and watch.  This romantic … read more


Posted by Laurel Wreath on 15th Aug 2014

I’m friends with Oprah.  By friends, I mean I watch Super Soul Sunday.And once I watch Super Soul Sunday, I binge on whatever comes on next from Iyanla to Lisa Ling.  What I admire most abo … read more