10 Suggestions for an Amazing Recruitment

Posted by Laurel Wreath on 13th Aug 2014

By now you've been given lots of suggestions about what it takes to navigate a successful recruitment. There are many ideas and opinions about how to have a great recruitment. In case you have not been given any hints here's a list of 10 suggestions to get you thinking!

1. Acquiring recommendations is your first lesson in networking…so work it. 

You do need recommendations. A chapter can offer membership without a recommendation, but do you part to make it easier on them. Having a recommendation is another way to show a chapter that you are doing your part in the recruitment process.

2. Savor the experience…you get out what you put in.

This is a one-time shot. This is a system designed to find your best fit. Yes, it is hot. Yes, it is overwhelming. Yes, you can do it. Take a deep breath and smile. Show those sorority girls who you are! Enjoy the effort that these chapters put forth. Walk through their doors and see the magic

3. Have an open mind…being Greek is amazing no matter your letters.

Your job is to smile talk and meet as many ladies as possible. This system is designed to offer you a best fit and the greatest opportunity to find a home. Do not limit yourself.

4. Dress cute, but comfy…it’s hard to think with a blister on your toe!

This does not mean look like you rolled out of bed. The chapter will look amazing in order to impress you; do the same. You only get one chance to make a first impression. You can insure an invitation by making an effort.

5. Be yourself and you’ll find your best fit. 

Joining a sorority is your decision. If you are not genuine, you may wind up in a house where you do not feel at "home". Don't short change yourself. You deserve an amazing four years and a lifetime of friends!

6. Ask questions…sororities have more to offer than parties.

The chapter members are full of knowledge about their sorority.What is your interest?What is your concern?Ask!They want to share their sorority with you.

7. Follow your heart…it will lead you home.

How do you feel when you leave the house?Make a mental note. Following that feeling. It is okay to like multiple sororities.No one expects you to make a choice in round one.This is a process designed to help you find your best fit.

8. Smile…You’re not the only one who is nervous.

Oh my! Everyone on both sides of the door has butterflies in their tummies.Have a plan for what you want to know about the house you are attending.Harness that nervousness.Take a deep breath and smile.

9. Have fun…sororities spend a lot of time preparing for you!

They have been planning for you for a year.Everything is designed to win your affection.They are so excited to have the opportunity to meet you.This experience will only occur one time.Savor it.Focus on the fun and enthusiasm; forget the heat and sweating.

10. Have faith…you wind up where you belong.

This may sound crazy, but trust it.The system is designed to find your best fit.Take a deep breath.Focus on being genuine and enjoying the process.